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Businesses are adapting to a variety of safer measures. Germhub® is here to help you navigate safely through life.

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Prepare for the varying safety protocols or cleanliness guidelines businesses or events are practicing or requiring.


Check the safety protocols and requirements of the venue before attending an event. 


Users can simply download the app, create their personal profile, and begin rating and reviewing businesses. Users can set filters for searches by selecting desired safety protocols practiced, rate and review businesses or events, choose favorites, and like and share reviews. Users can also “check-in” at each stop to keep a private log of the places they have visited for personal contact tracing of potential exposure. Germhub® makes it easy to find businesses and events that practice protocols that are right for the individual user. 

Businesses owners can download the app and complete a personal user profile, then locate their specific business page, select “Claim This Business” and complete their business profile. This will trigger the business verification and user interface process. This allows businesses to respond to user reviews and post messages about their business, including listing and updating their health safety practices and protocols. Germhub® is an efficient and effective way to communicate directly with customers. 


Germhub® helps users avoid potential exposure and the unintended spreading of illness-causing germs, infectious diseases, and viruses like Covid-19. Vaccines are vital to slowing and even stopping the spread of disease, but in today’s world, transparency and communication are also essential components to bringing the community together safely.

Germhub® is now available for download on the Apple App store and the Google Play store.

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Germhub®Ready to Help Bring the Community Together Safely

As the community begins using Germhub®, it will become increasingly robust with helpful information. Visit the “About Us” section in Settings on the Profile Page to learn more about using the app.

This app is unbiased and non-political in nature. It is solely intended for the sharing of information regarding the health safety and sanitation practices of businesses and event venues.

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